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Frequently asked questions

Common Questions About our products & Ordering Online


Can I purchase labels for decanting?

Due to the importance of correctly labelled chemicals and their longevity and environmental impact, screen-printed bottles are now the standard for everyday use bottles. You can purchase screen-printed decant bottles under the Dispensing Bottles tab

Where can I find the SDS?

Safety Data Sheets are full of important safety information on their respective chemical; we have created a chart with all our available chemicals and their relevant SDS. Navigate to the “Information” tab at the top of the page, select “Product Safety Chart,” and click on the corresponding QR code. Otherwise, you can also access the SDS via each chemical product page.

Which chemicals match the previous ones we used?

While all our chemicals have their application outlined on their label, check out page 4 of our product catalogue to find comparisons to previously used chemicals. To navigate to the catalogue click here.

What handle matches which product?

Check out the “Handle Chart” in the “Information” tab to identify the correct handle. If the wrong handle has been ordered, get in contact us and we will help direct you through the process.

I can’t see/update my contact details at the checkout

When it comes to checking out, your information should already be prefilled for you, if this isn’t the case, give us a call, and we will update that for you.

Need more information? 

Call our team on 1300 479 624 or email us via the form below.