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Non Rinse Sanitiser

Nonrinse commercial sanitiser. Concept is a fragrance-free quaternary ammonium compound sanitiser providing excellent anti-bactericial properties.

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Additional Product Information



Concept is a fragrance free quaternary ammonium compound sanitiser (the active ingredient for sanitising), formulated to provide excellent anti-bactericial properties, in any area where hygiene is concerned. Ideal for use on any hard surface after cleaning has been completed. Also suitable for food preparation areas as it will not contaminate when diluted as instructed.

Used For

Commercial Sanitiser

Dilution Directions:

Sanitising: 1:12.5 – 60mls in 750ml or 2 pumps 800ppm available Quat

Directions For Use:


  1. Clean surfaces and equipment thoroughly with Astra and water and allow to dry. Ensure surfaces have been rinsed thoroughly and are free of detergent residue.
  2. Dilute Concept with water as per dilution directions
  3. Apply diluted solution to the area to be sanitised.
  4. Allow to air dry. No rinsing is required.
  5. Sanitiser solution should be replaced every 24 hours or if contaminated.

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